poniedziałek, 31 maja 2010

IEM4 Frag highlights trailer released.

As promised, I've managed to put together a short trailer, a download link is on it's way. The used bloom settings may still change. Also I'm considering not using enemy models. What do you guys think? Feedback and critics are welcome :)


edit. here's the promised download link:


niedziela, 23 maja 2010

Next week - busy week

Today I watched the whole Rapha's POV from the global finals, it took me about 2,5 of an hour. And there's nothing special about it, each pov takes me about the same amount of time. But this week I'll do my best to watch at least one POV per day. I'd like to have this stage of making the movie behind already and start some footage capturing / editing stuff, which is way more fun. Few days ago I've tweaked a nice movie config. I'm thinking about uploading a short video on youtube to demonstrate it.. hm, yeah possibly gonna do that this week.. maybe a short trailer? Who knows :)

poniedziałek, 10 maja 2010

Still watching demos

Damn, watching demos is soo time consuming. I've spent the last two days just watching demos >.<.. Still 2 POV's (k1llsen and stermy) left to watch.. from the Euro finals! Then I have to watch the demos from the world finals.. Jeez. But well, some of the frags are enough to pay for my effort, haha. 

Few days ago, my clan mate asked me if I'm getting paid for making this movie. heh. Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind HAH, since I'm putting so much of my free time in this.. and what I'll get after the movie is done?.. cookies, hopefully. :)

I thought I'll finish the movie this month, but after watching all these demos I'm starting to have doubts. Maybe if I'd have some more motivation.. heh, that's why joining contests is good, even those a quake movie doesn't have a chance to win (read: tek9 contests). They give you a deadline, and it really motivates you to work..