niedziela, 30 stycznia 2011

Watching demos part.1 :>

Yeeeeah, finally I found some time and actually had the motivation to go through a part of the demos yall gave me so far. So yeah, today I watched 63 demos, out of these only 33 were labeled as OK. The rest was rejected, either because they were too average or were already used in another movie or weren't a quakelive demo at all (yeah really, wtf :D). It took a few hours to get through those demos, and my notebook didn't like it apparently.. even new its bottom is hot.. gotta buy a cooling mat or w/e it's called.

Oh yeah, and for those who are wondering: I'm still accepting demos. :) Right now I'm in the middle of the exam period but once it's over I'll have from 2 to 3 weeks of free time! yeeeh! And I'm planning to spend it on movie making mostly.