piątek, 31 grudnia 2010

Happy new year everybody :)

Damn, time sure flies! I have no idea when did this year pass by. Regarding my movie making the end of 2010 was pretty lazy, but that's ending right now, starting from January I'm reviewing all the demos I've received so far and start putting them together into a movie! If there's enough material that is. If not I'll be making a new post on ESR shortly.

Happy new year.

piątek, 3 grudnia 2010


Dayumn it's been months since I last posted anything about quake. Mostly because that during the last few months I totally lost interest in following quakelive events. The fact that ql doesn't run properly on my current setup was undoubtedly also played a role.

Anyway, yeah, for those who are wondering, I didn't dich this blog and no, I didn't stop thinking about movie making. I'm still collecting demos for my next project.