czwartek, 25 października 2012


 A while ago, a good friend of mine recommended me this little, point-and-click adventure game called Machinarium. It's a great indie game with lots of puzzles and amazing, hand-drawn art. While playing it, I was taken on a trip into a beautiful world, full of inspiring sights, mind-twisting riddles and a well thought-out story :) An interesting aspect of the game is that there are no dialogues - the game replaces speech with simple sign language, as a result, you don't need to know english to play:)

Go ahead and visit to play the free demo online, and if you like it, buy it! :)
Oh, and btw, try to pass it without using any of the hints! I did :)

wtorek, 23 października 2012

New blog banner

Finally, I sat down and replaced the ugly "under construction" banner with a new decent one. It shows the new logo I was working on during vacations. Hope you like it:) I still have to finish this little animation, it's a transition between my old "logo" and the new one. Hopefully I'll manage to release it this year. :}

niedziela, 21 października 2012

Mural gallery - Gdańsk Zaspa

As promissed, I've made a gallery of murals I've taken pictures of 3 weeks ago. Below I posted some closeups of some of the more interesting ones (or at least for me). For the complete gallery follow this link.

Next up is the mural gallery from Wrocław. Stay tuned:) Also, if you have some interesting street art in your city or neighbourhood it would be awesome if you'd leave a picture in the comments, I'd love to see it!=)

piątek, 19 października 2012

All your base are belong to us

Jeez, it was already a month since I last posted, damn time sure flies. A lot of things happened in the meanwhile. I passed my driving license exam, broke up with my gf, qualified for that 2nd course at my university.. Oh yeah, I have some damn cool classes now, like drawing, paiting, sculpting, basics of interior design, visual communication, product design, etc. All in all, interesting stuff. The downside is that I don't have time for slacking, and I have to buy a lot of stuff (large paper sheets, paint, paintbrushes, etc. etc.) But I guess it's all for the best. :) I'll try to post some of my work later.

Last month I visited Gdańsk and took photos of some more murals! yay! Here's a little teaser. A while ago I posted a picture of a mural made by the same author - "M-City".

I've already made a gallery of the photos of murals I've taken in Gdańsk, but I yet have to upload it somewhere.. picasa most likely. I also have to finally sort out the photos of murals from Wrocław.. soon!:D

czwartek, 13 września 2012


I've been very busy as of late and, to be honest, I still am. I applied for a 2nd course at my university, so if I'll manage to qualify, I'll be attending two courses simultaneously. I applied for industrial design, so I would have classes like drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. Pretty damn neat.

All the things I was working on are on low priority right now but I promise to get back to them as soon as possible. More news next week.

sobota, 25 sierpnia 2012

Logo change animation (WiP)

Right now I'm working on an animation that I want to release before my next project. It's going to be a sort of a transition, between my current "logo" and a new real one that I've recently come up with. My current "logo" or maybe more of a recognizable thing that I've used in my movies, is based on a quake 3 advert that I scanned from a gaming magazine ages ago.

The animation I'm working on, will show this scene, falling apart, and my new logo rising from the smoke. The idea itself is quite neat, but actually doing it, is quite tricky. To set up the scene in 3ds max, I'm using free stock 3d models that I found on the archive3d site. I had to scale up each of the models and put them in their place. This alone takes a lot of time, I'm not done yet, but here's what I've put together so far.

As you can see the models aren't the same as the ones in the advert, a lot of elements are missing, but I'll take care of it. I've already cut out some parts of the ad that I'm going to use as a background in the 3d scene. Then, I'll have to animate everything, make it fall apart. Then comes rendering. To be honest with you, I don't know how to make things look photorealistic.. YET! It's something I really want to learn and I'll be reading into it more soon. Then smoke some comes in, I'll most likely add it in AE since I've already found a nifty tutorial on it.

This all might still take a while, but I'll learn a lot of new things on the way, which I'll be able to use in my future projects. This animation will be quite a milestone. More news soon.

poniedziałek, 20 sierpnia 2012


Just wanted to give everyone a little heads up. I've been a bit busy these days. I moved back home to stay here for a while. Before that, I was messing around with my new logo, because I want to get it on the site and get rid of that ugly under construction banner. I was also playing around with dm17, replacing the textures and stuff. Basicly, preparing things for my next movie project. The rocket launcher remake priority is lower now, first I'd have to finish that hard surface tutorial (which is awesome by the way). More news soon.

wtorek, 14 sierpnia 2012

Rocket Launcher remake - part 4

I didn't finish the detailing yet, after a while my hand began to hurt a bit, I was using my girlfriend's graphic tablet and I'm not used to it yet. Anyway, the details are sketched out, and I've added some gray here and there to make the metal parts look a bit like metal.

I don't like how the details look sort of organic right now, I'll have to read a bit about hard surface sculpting.

Few days ago Paul Steed passed away, he was a very talented 3D game artist mostly known for his work at Id software with the first three quakes. I picked up a book of his about modeling and animating game characters. It's a fun read and I'm learning a lot too. In the following week I'll try to model a low-poly character. Not sure about the theme yet, but I'll figure something out.

poniedziałek, 13 sierpnia 2012

Rocket Launcher remake - part 3

After sorting out the flaws and dividing some of the polygons I came to the point where I asked myself if there's something more I can do with the model in order to make things easier in ZBrush. Since the whole model isn't a single closed mesh, but actually, 7 seperate meshes that intersect with each other, I was thinking about connecting all the meshes and unifying the model, that would mess up the textures though, but it wouldn't really matter, as I'll have to texture it again in the end.

Instead, I came up with a better idea. I detached each of the meshes from the model and exported them seperatly to .obj files.

Importing each model into ZBrush was easier than I expected, since all of them had the same pivot point, the subtools (in ZBrush models are called tools) were aligned perfectly. Having each part of the gun in different subtools has a couple of benefits:
  • I don't have to worry about accidentally editing different parts of the model. (no masking needed)
  • I can subdivide each part of the model seperatly and the subdivision limits are higher. (I can leave the parts where I won't be adding details with a low polygon density)
  • If something goes very wrong, I can just import that submodel again and replace it instead of having to go back to a previously saved version of the whole file
  • Symmetry is working fine! Last time ZBrush couldn't fnd symmetry in the model, so I had to add those details to each side seperatly. Now with symmetry enabled it will take a flash.
All in all, this way seems to be the best way, it has a lot of pros and little to non cons. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.

The topology of the barrel is now also fine.

Here are some renders I made after a couple of subdivisions (notice the soft edges at the end of the barrel, I couldn't do that earlier, because the meshes weren't connected, instead I would get some ugly holes) and some coloring.

Here's another one with a more metal looking material. Preparing these renders took only a couple of minutes, and I think they're already looking cool. Might be a nice wallpaper once the model is done ;)

Tomorrow I'll smooth the geometry and add details, stay tuned.

niedziela, 12 sierpnia 2012

Rocket Launcher remake - part 2

Yesterday, I didn't manage to finish detailing the model as I innitally planned. I would probably make it in time if I wouldn't encounter a problem. I kept on adding details and everything was going fine, or at least that's what I thought.

When I wanted to start adding detail to the barrel, I noticed that the bad topology that I innitally neglected won't let me edit the surface as I want to. The polygons were badly skewed and my brush strokes appeared very sharp and edgy while they should be soft.

 I tried editing the topology with preserving the details I added. ZBrush has some built-in tools for easy model retopology. After a couple of tries I gave up. All the polygon edges cluttered together was a horror to work with.

Instead, I decided to go back to 3ds Max and do what I should've done in the first place - prepare the model for editing in ZBrush. The stuff that I did to the model in max before wasn't even close to being acceptable, now I know that. I guess it just shows my inexperience.

Here are the wireframes of the original model, note that the inner part of the barrel is a seperate sub-model (pink lines). The main problem is that the polygons that make the barrel are much longer than the rest of the model, adding some skewness to that creates some nasty topology.

First, I fixed the inner part by adding some vertices here and there, moving some around, etc.

Then I divided the barrel into segments, adding a lot of vertices, and connecting them together. This way I divided the long polygons into small ones, where a bit of skewness will do little to no harm to the overall topology.

The lines aren't perfectly straight, but it doesn't really matter that much. Here's the same view, but with the inner sub-model hidden.

And the other way around:

Next I decided to weld both models together. It took me quite a while to connect all the verticles together properly without creating some weird polygons or double edges. I was checking for holes and flaws for quite a long time before I found this 3ds Max option "select non-quads" which basicly selects highlights polygons that have 3 or more than 4 edges.

As you can see I still have some fixing to do. Another thing concerns me, right now, the main part of the rocket launcher has significantly larger polygons than the barrel. This might be a problem later on in ZBrush, when after subdividing the geometry a couple of times to add details to the main part, the polygons on the barrel will be very small, and thus the polycount will go up drastically.. I'll divide the polygons on the main part of the gun for good measure.
Once I'm done with preparing the model in 3ds Max, I'll try to transfer all the details I made previously in Zbrush. If that won't work, I'll just start over. Stay tuned.

piątek, 10 sierpnia 2012

Rocket Launcher remake (WiP)

I've decided to take the good old Rocket Launcher from Quake3/Quakelive and remake it in high detail. I don't want to make it much different from the original, I've seen a couple of those fancy complicated models  and I'm not very fond of them. Rather than that I want to add detailed geometry based on the original textures:

As you can see, the textures have some details that make the blocky, low-poly models seem to be more detailed. But it's just a poor illusion, not the real thing. Back in the day, models had to be low poly because  PCs were obviously weaker. Nowadays even though the computers are much more powerful, 3D artists and model designers still have other, more advanced "illusions" such as displacement and bump maps, which make models look even more detailed. (on a side note, in the video from my last post, the skateboard has a bump map applied that immitates the grip on the deck, hah)

 So yeah, I made some renders to show you, step by step, what I've done so far.

First I've imported the .md3 file to MilkShape3D, then exported it as an .obj file. Opened it in 3DS Max and removed inner edges of some polygons. (This will come in handy later on) Afterwards, I added the textures and made some renders:

Standard rocket launcher model, the same as you can see it in-game. I really like the simple design. Someone made a really good job. I'll have to look up later who's the author.

Next, I've exported it to an .obj again and imported into ZBrush. Here I've subdivided the geometry (divided each polygon of the model) and split the model into some polygroups. They're handy, because I can easily hide parts of geometry and focus on smaller regions of the model. You can see the polygroups on the image below, each polygroup is shown with a different color.

After smoothing out some shapes I added a reference plane with the side view render image from max, this way I could easily see where are the details that I want to add to the model.

Right now I have some of the details sketched out. I'll try to finish the geometry tomorrow, then I'll have to texture it.

You might wonder why would I do such a thing. Well, the main reason is that I can make use of it later on in a frag video, and I thought it would be a nice experience. Especially since I want to remake the Sarge model too.

czwartek, 9 sierpnia 2012

My first real steps in AE

Recently I've been learning a lot of useful tools. I've learned the basics of 3DS MAX and Adobe After Effects. The result is this simple animation. It's not that special, but soon I'll be doing some more advanced things and I'll use some of them in quake movies too. Stay tuned.

Oh, and it's actually my first full HD clip. By the way, compression is wonderful - the clip went from 3,5 GB right after rendering from AE to less than 10 MB after compressing it, with little to none difference in quality. Yay to codecs and compression.

czwartek, 2 sierpnia 2012

Dragon - a ZBrush sculpture

Here it is, the dragon model I've been working on. It's based on an illustration made by my girlfriend. I finished sculpting it a couple of days ago, didn't post it till now because I was busy with some other stuff. It isn't really finished yet as some of you might guess, I still have to texture him properly, I plan to do it soon.

For the last two days I've been putting together a portfolio, yesterday I sent it to a local game developer studio, hah. I also had a job interview today, it went fine. I'll get back to my quake movie project soon.

niedziela, 29 lipca 2012

Big bad wolf

I've taken pictures of a lot of murals yesterday, but for now I'll just post my favourite. I love everything about it - be it colors, composition or details. It's a work of art! Kudos to the author.

Anyway, I didn't work too much on the dragon model, it's too hot to stay inside for too long, and when I actually sat down in front of the screen, I read a bit about rendering and texturing in zbrush. I promise to work some more tomorrow. I'll try to post some bigger work in progress editor shots soon.

czwartek, 26 lipca 2012

More murals!

Here are some parts of murals that I've taken pictures of today. I'll have to come back again later when there won't be any cars in the way. The first picture is just one part of a very long wall covered in murals. Later I'll try to merge the pictures together.

 These two pictures were also on the same wall, oddly enough it seems that at one point a part of the wall was taken down, and the mural with it.. It's a shame that I didn't get to see it.

Anyway, I'm still working on the dragon hopefully I'll finish it in the following days. I also have to come up with my logo and finish the facelift of the blog. Hm..

Zbrush and murals

It's been a couple of days since my last post. But that doesn't mean I'm slacking! I've been modelling this funny, fairy tale dragon in zbrush. It's based on a short series of illustrations made by my girl friend. It isn't done yet but I must admit that I like it already. I've learned a lot about zbrush, it's a really handy tool and I really enjoy working with it. Next I want to make a HD remake of sarge (quake player model) for my next movie project. I'm really excited about it.

Anyway, changing the subject, the city I live in right now, has a lot of street art known as murals. I thought it would be pretty neat to go around the city and take pictures of each of them. Today I've taken picture of the first one. Apparently it shows a destroyed bridge and trains that are falling into water. Pretty cool I must admit. It gets a lot of attention too, because it's really close to a big shopping centre and the main railway station. Actually, the brick buildings that you can see in the background on the right are a bridge with rails. So yeah, this mural clearly relates to that.

It's signed M-City, no clue if it's the title or the author. This photograph is a begining of a seriee. Expect more of these soon. Anyway, tell me what do you think, does this mural impress you? Do you think that I should post more photos of interesting things that I see?

sobota, 21 lipca 2012

Facelift in progress

As some of you might've noticed I've already made some changes to the blog. More stuff will follow soon, maybe a template change even. Opinions on the current look?

piątek, 20 lipca 2012

Upcoming blog facelift

Today I have some stuff to do and then I gotta catch my train back to Wrocław. But tomorrow I'll start upgrading my blogs visual side, the background from the q3 add will go byebye, it's a bit sad beacause I got somewhat attached to it over the years but it's just no good:) Hell5pawn videos is going to get more serious, we'll see how it works out.

czwartek, 19 lipca 2012

Polish railways

Sorry for a post not related to gaming.

Right now I'm sitting in a train that connects south and north of Poland. I woke up at 4:30am to get on this train, after 26 kilometers (out of a total of 469 km), we have to wait bacause there was an accident ahead. We'll probably wait around 2 hours.. and that's not all, because there was another accident two days ago, and it's further ahead. I'll have to take a replacement route by a bus. From the place I am at now I can't find a bus or anything. *sigh* Sorry for the negative post! Back to video editting soon:)

środa, 18 lipca 2012

The afterspray 2 - DreamHack

Woohoo, it's here! After almost a month I finally finished my latest movie. For those who do not follow my blog. It's a Quake Live frag highlight movie from the biggest international LAN event, DreamHack (held twice a year, in winter and summer). Exactly a month ago, 32 quake players gathered there to compete against each other in order to win the tourney. The movie I made showcases the best frags (kills). I always try to do something original in my movies. This time I used the in-game configurations of each of the players to show their own frags with. As a result, while watching you see what the player did while playing. I think it's an interesting approach, but I am also aware that some viewers might dislike it.

Alternative stream:
Download link: MaverickServers
Post on

There's a bonus in the download link, the movie file is zipped along with all the shown configurations, I've also added a little readme file that describes how to install those. If anyone has any trouble with them, feel free to ask.

Now I can get back to my other movie project! More info soon.

wtorek, 17 lipca 2012

*drum roll*

So yeah, the movie is pretty much ready. I've rendered / compressed the final version and as always still found some minor flaws that can be fixed. The movie is alright as it is, but I want to polish those details. The video is a bit over 3 minutes long. Which might be too short for some people. But I put quality over quantity, and I'd rather make a short video that leaves the viewer wanting to see more (most likely will watch the video again), than a long video that might bore the viewer halfway through. Long videos require much more interesting content, which is quite hard to gather nowadays.

Anyway, I'm going back to polishing the video, I'll release it later today.

niedziela, 15 lipca 2012

Almost done - DH highlights

I'm close to finishing my latest movie. For those that don't follow my blog frequently, I'm working on a quick Dreamhack summer 2012 quakelive frag highlights movie (phew, that was long :)). Initially, I wanted to make it for the recent Republic of Gamers movie making contest, but due to some personal stuff that took priority over finishing the movie, I missed the deadline. I didn't drop the project though, and so I'll be finishing the movie shortly. I'm missing a proper intro, ending, name tags, and some final touches. Other than that, the release might be delayed my current poor internet connection. Heck, I might even might go find a good hotspot to upload it! I'll figure something out:))

piątek, 13 lipca 2012


The deadline passed and the movie still isn't done. It was a very busy week for me. Sorry for the delay, I didn't want to release the movie in a state I wasn't happy about. It'll be done soon!

niedziela, 8 lipca 2012

Working hard

I'm doing my best to make it before the deadline, I didn't start capturing footage yet though... Had to test some settings and figure out the best values. But I'll be capturing footage today and tonight for sure.

Recently there were some movies released, one of them has pretty much the same content as the movie I'm working on. It covers the same esports event after all.  But I can already tell you that my movie isn't going to be anything like it. There will be another DH summer 2012 movie besides mine. (or more? heh) It's actually interesting bacause it will be a first for me to be able to be compared to other movies with such similar content.
There also was another movie released, it's an entry to the RoG movie contest. (the one I'm taking part in too). The guy abused sony vegas transitions, and thus ruined a decent movie. Pity.

sobota, 7 lipca 2012

Home sweet home!

Today I finished the semester at uni and came back home. I'll be staying here for a couple of days before heading out to Wrocław (polish city) to spend the vacations with my girl friend.
So yeah, I have a couple of days left to the deadline and I'll be trying hard to make it in time. I was thinking a lot about the concept of the movie and I'm pretty sure what I want to do. Tomorrow I'll start capturing footage and possibly start putting it into sony vegas.
I also want to make some changes on my blog. I was thinking about adding pages and lists of tags. There would be a page with my movies, a page about me and a page with tutorials (which I have to write first hah!) So yeah, no slacking!

wtorek, 3 lipca 2012

One hundred thousand views

Today, the number of views combined from all my movies on my youtube channel passed 100000! I'm happy about reaching this milestone. But there's no time for kicking back and celebrating. I have a week left till the dealine.

Back to work!

poniedziałek, 2 lipca 2012


Right now I'm getting ready to start capturing footage from the demos I've picked. Before I start doing that, I have to know what in-game configuration (cfg), resolution and frame rate I want to use.
I already know that the video resolution will be 1280x720 (limitted by the competition rules). I'm not yet sure about the config, as I want to try out something different. As for frame rate, I want to add some motion blur to the video, but not too much. I can achive that in two ways - by using a wolfcamql command called mme_motionblurframes or by capturing the video with a higher frame rate and then lowering it in vegas.
I'm going to try different values until I'm happy with the outcome.
I was also playing around with the codecs. For the first time I made a low quality template for rendering fast previews to check if the video and audio are synchronised together properly, I don't need high quality to check that. In my previous projects I used to render short parts in max quality just to check if something is right. Such a waste of time! With the deadline closing in, I don't have time for that, so these LQ previews will work wonders. ;)  I was also looking for some real high quality settings.. and I found some but it was compressing veeery slowly (5 seconds took 10 minutes to compress), so I'll have to play around some more with different values. Such things take time but they're necessary if you want to make the movie properly. More news soon!

piątek, 29 czerwca 2012

11 days to go!

Recently I didn't have much time to work on the movie, but don't worry, I have a song I want to use, and I'm  pretty much done with stuff for university. In the following days I'm going to start capturing footage (lossless .avi's). I'm still thinking about how I want to make the movie.. I surely don't want to make another normal fragmovie, without anything unique and special. I'll do my best!

środa, 27 czerwca 2012

Still watching demos

Two weeks left to go. Today I finished watching the demos from the groupstage and started watching matches from the playoffs. I already found some nice frags, I don't recall anything jaw dropping though.. Hopefully, I'll find something later on.
I'm having a hard time with the music choice. I've been listening to various stuff all day today. There's still some time left, so it's not that bad, I'll decide on something eventually. Any suggestions?:)

niedziela, 24 czerwca 2012

Watching demos

Yesterday, I didn't have internet connection so I couldn't report my progress. I've watched all the day1 groupstage demos, found some decent frags, nothing breath taking though. Hopefully I'll find some great frags later on. I didn't follow the livestreams and I didn't watch the matches before, so if anyone who did remembers any memorable moments - let me know:)

Watching demos takes time and dends to get boring fast. After watching the demos, I started playing with sculpting in ZBrush, started doing my first model, a fairy tale-ish dragon, based on my gf's illustrations. It's still not done yet, but working on it is a lot of fun. ZBrush is such a great tool to work with.
Today, I'll be working on some stuff for university. After this week I'll be done with this semester, so afterwards I'll focus entirely on the movie.

piątek, 22 czerwca 2012

ASUS RoG Movie contest

Yesterday, there was a news posted on ESR about a gaming movie making competition. I though that it could be a nice idea to make a frag highlights movie from the recent DreamHack Summer QuakeLive LAN tourney. I left a comment about it under that news post, and I got some positive response which reassured me about participating in the contest. There's not much time left though - the deadline is 10th of July. So I have 18 days to make and upload the movie to youtube. It'll be a nice test, I wonder how much can I make in such a short period. So yeah, for the time being, I'm putting the DM17 project aside. I'm going to download and watch all the DH demos today (or at least, that's the plan) :)

środa, 20 czerwca 2012

Sarge chillin'

During a free moment I messed around some .md3 viewers and I made this funny little picture. Not very realistic, not very professional, but I like it. What do you think?

poniedziałek, 18 czerwca 2012

Exams ugh!

This semester is about to end and I have to finish some university projects. I'm also doing a driving license course so I spend 2 hours almost everyday driving around the city. All in all, I don't have much time for movie projects right now. Things will normalize in a week or two and then I'll be back on track!

Anyway, I was looking around a bit for tools to import .md3 (quake3/quakelive models) files into some 3D editting software like blender or 3DS max. I found some stuff but I still have to try them out. AAAAhh I can't wait to start messing around with those models. It'll be complicated for sure though:)

środa, 13 czerwca 2012

Retexturing "The Longest Yard"

My new project will feature only one map, just like in my mini-movie seventeen - The Longest Yard (also known as dm17), but I want to replace the original textures with something else. It'll be my first movie with so much custom content. Usually, I'm against custom skins, models and HD textures. Mostly because it's the same texture pack over and over again. This time I want to make some new custom content on my own, we'll see how it'll work out.
Yesterday, I started to browse through QL textures in order to find all those that are used on dm17. I found almost all of them, then I added a number and border to each and you can see the outcome on the attached screenshot I'm not entirely sure about the theme I'll be aiming for.. maybe something minimalistic, with solid colours, or maybe a flying machine above the clouds? :) I'm getting excited already.

wtorek, 12 czerwca 2012

100th post:)

As some of you might have noticed, I've added all these nifty share buttons. Also, from now on everyone can comment.. before you had to have a google account or something, doh! I didn't even notice that.

Yesterday I started working on the new project. I think it's the really first time that I'm sure about the song I'll use right away. I always tend to change my mind a lot and choose the song at the very last moment. It's an unusual song, not often heard in quake movies (or gaming movies at all for that matter).

I also have to think about the video parameters, like the resolution or motion blur. Maybe I'll release few version of the movie this time.. hmm, everyone is free to post a comment with their prefered video specifications:) Do you like movies with motion blur, HD resolution, 4:3 screen proportions? Let me know!

poniedziałek, 11 czerwca 2012

niedziela, 10 czerwca 2012


Didn't have much access to the internet in the last 2 days and I didn't have a chance to write a new post. But worry do not, because here it is! Some stuff happened recently, first of all, I passed LIMBO and I think the game is simply fantastic, playing it is a must for everyone. On a related sidenote, I got a email from humblebundle that they have added 3 more games to their fifth edition, among them there's Super Meat Boy, which is the next game I'm going to check out since it has a cool 8bit soundtrack that I listened to while working on pixelbeat. I'll write some more about it after I try it.

Yesterday, there was a one map: The Longest Yard (dm17) quakelive tourney going on. I wanted to signup for it, but because of all the mess with organization, I gave up on it. Apparently it was kind of successful. Maximzr, the best dm17 player, won the final game against noresz (2:1). I might signup for the next tourney, if they'll hold one. Anyway, I have to find out if any of the players made some impressive frags.
Speaking of frags, I watched all my demos for my next movie project. I found some really nice commands in wolfcamql that speed up watching demos.
  • fragforward - which playbacks only frags (5 seconds before the frag and ~3 seconds after it) 
  • seekclock - which allows you to jump to any part of the demo (seekclock minutes:seconds)
With these two commands I can go through demos much, muuuch faster. I might start working on this new project soon. With all the experience from my past projects, I make movies faster, and faster. So yeah, expect a new movie this summer.