piątek, 10 sierpnia 2012

Rocket Launcher remake (WiP)

I've decided to take the good old Rocket Launcher from Quake3/Quakelive and remake it in high detail. I don't want to make it much different from the original, I've seen a couple of those fancy complicated models  and I'm not very fond of them. Rather than that I want to add detailed geometry based on the original textures:

As you can see, the textures have some details that make the blocky, low-poly models seem to be more detailed. But it's just a poor illusion, not the real thing. Back in the day, models had to be low poly because  PCs were obviously weaker. Nowadays even though the computers are much more powerful, 3D artists and model designers still have other, more advanced "illusions" such as displacement and bump maps, which make models look even more detailed. (on a side note, in the video from my last post, the skateboard has a bump map applied that immitates the grip on the deck, hah)

 So yeah, I made some renders to show you, step by step, what I've done so far.

First I've imported the .md3 file to MilkShape3D, then exported it as an .obj file. Opened it in 3DS Max and removed inner edges of some polygons. (This will come in handy later on) Afterwards, I added the textures and made some renders:

Standard rocket launcher model, the same as you can see it in-game. I really like the simple design. Someone made a really good job. I'll have to look up later who's the author.

Next, I've exported it to an .obj again and imported into ZBrush. Here I've subdivided the geometry (divided each polygon of the model) and split the model into some polygroups. They're handy, because I can easily hide parts of geometry and focus on smaller regions of the model. You can see the polygroups on the image below, each polygroup is shown with a different color.

After smoothing out some shapes I added a reference plane with the side view render image from max, this way I could easily see where are the details that I want to add to the model.

Right now I have some of the details sketched out. I'll try to finish the geometry tomorrow, then I'll have to texture it.

You might wonder why would I do such a thing. Well, the main reason is that I can make use of it later on in a frag video, and I thought it would be a nice experience. Especially since I want to remake the Sarge model too.

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  1. i'd love to play around with the *.ztl file

  2. Which version do you mean? The low-poly one? I'll probably release the finished model later on.