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Rocket Launcher remake - part 3

After sorting out the flaws and dividing some of the polygons I came to the point where I asked myself if there's something more I can do with the model in order to make things easier in ZBrush. Since the whole model isn't a single closed mesh, but actually, 7 seperate meshes that intersect with each other, I was thinking about connecting all the meshes and unifying the model, that would mess up the textures though, but it wouldn't really matter, as I'll have to texture it again in the end.

Instead, I came up with a better idea. I detached each of the meshes from the model and exported them seperatly to .obj files.

Importing each model into ZBrush was easier than I expected, since all of them had the same pivot point, the subtools (in ZBrush models are called tools) were aligned perfectly. Having each part of the gun in different subtools has a couple of benefits:
  • I don't have to worry about accidentally editing different parts of the model. (no masking needed)
  • I can subdivide each part of the model seperatly and the subdivision limits are higher. (I can leave the parts where I won't be adding details with a low polygon density)
  • If something goes very wrong, I can just import that submodel again and replace it instead of having to go back to a previously saved version of the whole file
  • Symmetry is working fine! Last time ZBrush couldn't fnd symmetry in the model, so I had to add those details to each side seperatly. Now with symmetry enabled it will take a flash.
All in all, this way seems to be the best way, it has a lot of pros and little to non cons. I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.

The topology of the barrel is now also fine.

Here are some renders I made after a couple of subdivisions (notice the soft edges at the end of the barrel, I couldn't do that earlier, because the meshes weren't connected, instead I would get some ugly holes) and some coloring.

Here's another one with a more metal looking material. Preparing these renders took only a couple of minutes, and I think they're already looking cool. Might be a nice wallpaper once the model is done ;)

Tomorrow I'll smooth the geometry and add details, stay tuned.

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