niedziela, 31 stycznia 2010

Here we go!

Just downloaded over 280mb's of demos from ESL site. Which means that I officially started working on the IEM4 Euro Finals Frag highlights vid. huhu :> I also started looking around for some fresh music. Next weekend I'll start watching the demos

sobota, 30 stycznia 2010

New movie - seventeen

Almost a week ago my latest movie for the tek9 minivideo contest was released. It's called seventeen. It's a one map video with midair rockets only. Unlike 'Zero' I didn't use any colour correction as well as no motion blur. If you like it, register @ and rate it :) After the community voting is over I'll upload it to youtube and add a download mirror from Maverick.

I also started gathering demos for future projects. More info here.

I'm also starting work on another video, hah. Frag highlights from the IEM4 european finals! Gonna be epic :o

sobota, 23 stycznia 2010

A little update

Didn't have time since last weekend to post anything. A lot of exams and stuff @ uni, luckily so far everything related to uni goes great. :)

Last weekend I've managed to upload the vid yey! Today the tek9 staff updated the 'video release rules' so that starting from tomorrow, they will release 10 videos per day. Which means I have no idea when exactly everyone will be able to see it! Within 2 weeks that's for sure (over 100 vids)

I've signed up for some QL duel cups recently:
Today I managed to play and win my first game in the second one. It's a tourney reserved for polish players. Tomorrow I'll have my next match, this time it won't be so easy ;)
I'll also do my best to play a few matches from the ESR league, so yeah some crazy duel action this weekend :)

sobota, 16 stycznia 2010

niedziela, 10 stycznia 2010

Grrr >.<

Damn, weekends are waaaaaay to short.. Time is flying and my minivideo isn't done yet, too many distractions :/ I wanted to finish it this weekend but it's quite far from being ready and I'm leaving to uni in about an hour.. Next weekend is the last chance to upload so I'll have to finish it then.. I hope I'll make it in time.. and I hope I won't have any problems with uploading, my internet connection has a crappy upload rate, additionally my connection got all wacky after christmas :/ Stupid provider ::/

Heh, @ students' hostel I've installed gtkradiant and started some mapping. It's quite fun, my first map is almost ready, I'll post some screenies soon.

piątek, 1 stycznia 2010

Happy new year 2010!

woho 2010!

AAaanyway, noghost mapping competition has come to an end. Results:
  • -1st Place: Justin "StormShadow" Ingels with Devlilish
  • -2nd Place: Tom "Phantazm11" Perryman with Substation11
  • -3rd Place: Simon "Sock" O'Callaghan with Focal Point
More info on the official site

On a side note, a little birdie told me that some of the contest participants might have a chance to map for id! Great news =)

I'm working a lot on the vid.. and there's not much time left =/ Well, it's over two weeks but I'm going back to uni on Sunday and I won't be able to work there. So basicly I have time till Sunday plus two weekends, where while the second weekend I'll have to render and upload the vid. meh
My friend maverick showed me a site with great music. If you like dubstep or alternative electronic music this is a must