sobota, 20 lutego 2010


Still watching demos.. It's taking longer then I thought it would. Additionally, I've been playing more CTF PCW's with my clan recently, we're getting ready for bibs season #3.

Still have to watch demos from av3k, calipt, fox, k1llsen and stermy.

Those demos do not contain too many outstanding frags, what makes me think about adding other continental finals to the movie. I'd add frags from the global finals as well, since they're starting soon.. hmm

Also, I'm still thinking about the music.. There's an awesome song on my mind all the time, but it was already used in a popular COD4 frag movie :/ I might also use some classical 'epic' music from Hans Zimmer.. or some electronics.. or idk really.. Maybe some suggestions?

środa, 10 lutego 2010

Winter break

Today I passed my last exam, which means I have a bit of free time now. I'll try to spend as much time as possible on movie making. ;)

wtorek, 9 lutego 2010

Blast from the past!

A while ago I noticed that the download links for my old q3 movies aren't working anymore. A friend of mine reminded me about them so I decided to fix them and by the way post them here.. hah ancient times :> All of those vids are available on youtube, most of them with modified (or without at all) audio.

qOs Clan Movie 1
My first movie :') Made on q3 1.16n. Features my freezerail clan. The xvid version is huge(600mb), that was my first attempt with compression and I didn't know much about it.. Luckily my clan mate made a x264 version from the xvid one. Quality drops a bit but the size is much smaller(200mb).

My 2nd movie, this time I converted demos from .dm3 to .dm68 and used q3mme. I still enjoy watching this movie. :)

qOs Clan Movie 2
Another freezerail movie, but this time with a bit of vq3 frags too. Lots of improvements since the prequel.

A noghost community video, after qOs vid 2 I dropped XVID and triend x264 for the first time. Here are the results

Enjoy! :)