poniedziałek, 30 kwietnia 2012


Heh, last time I posted I said I was about to finish the movie, well, after my trusted friend said what he thinks after seeing what I've done so far, I want to fix and modify all the bad parts. I also watched some additional demos and I'm thinking about asking the community again for more. Few days after my last post I went on a trip to Italy, afterwards I sort of lost the motivation again, but don't worry, today I'm going back home for a week, so I'll try to work on the movie as much as possible.

sobota, 14 kwietnia 2012

Release delayed

I wanted to release the movie this weekend but there were some complications. Apart from minor adjustments that my beta viewer pointed out, and some stuff I have to finish for university, my main email account was hacked today. Luckily enough I was using the pc at the time and I quickly used some counter measures and regained control over it. Unfortunatelly the hacker managed to take over my clanbase account and change the email on it so I can't get it back on my own. I think it's pretty weird that he choose clanbase over other sites I manage with that email address. Also, it's hard to believe that my clanbase account was his goal. He changed all the personal info except for the quakelive username. I'll already filled a helpdesk ticket on the clanbase page and I'll try to regain my old account, especially since we're having a clanbase war next week.
All this mess gave me much more stress than actual damage, it's the first time for me to experience something like this since the time I've got an internet connection. And I was confident about the security of my passwods.

środa, 11 kwietnia 2012

Frag part put together

Aye, I've put all the frags together. It's came out a bit shorter than I thought but I'm ok with it. I'll compress it overnight and watch it tomorrow. I'll probably find some stuff to fix. Also, there's still stuff missing like players names for instance. I also need to record some additional bits here and there. Then I have to fix the intro, and add at least some credits. Anyway, I'm pretty positive that I'll release it by the end of this week:)

wtorek, 10 kwietnia 2012

Frag part coming along nicely

Yeeaaa, I've managed to do quite a bit today. Right now I'm rendering all of the frags I've put together so far. I want to see how do they look in one go ..or something:)

Anyway, I can safely say that the video will be around 5 minutes long. I guess that's sort of short but that all I can do with this content.

niedziela, 8 kwietnia 2012

Anybody out there?

Hah, sorry for not posting anything in ages. I was either busy or without any motivation to work on the movie. By the way, happy zombie jesus day! During this short holiday I began working on the frag part of the movie, leaving the intro in the current unfinished state. Anyway, the frag part is becoming pretty goood and I'm quite happy with what I see.
To be honest I'm sort of fed up with this project. I expected a bit more from the community, like better frags to work on. I guess I'm really strict when it comes to frags.. So yeah, I won't use all the ideas I intended to use on this movie, keep the editing minimalistic (some people like that side of my movies so I guess it won't be such a big deal) and I probably gonna finish it soon and maybe start working on something else