niedziela, 28 sierpnia 2011

Short break.

Capturing the footage from the demos made me excited about the movie again:) Gonna do my best!!

But unfortunatelly, I'll have to deal with some personal boring stuff releated to my university in the following days, so yeah gonna leave home for a couple of days. But when I'm back -> movie making full speed ahead :)

piątek, 26 sierpnia 2011

The Afterspray - summary

On 26th of August 2010, exactly a year ago, I released my last movie - The Afterspray. So far it's my most successful one. Let me give you guys some numbers. Over the past year it accumulated over 32000 views on and over 18000 views on, that equals over 50000 views in total and counting.

The number of downloads isn't as big but considering that not everyone is collecting quake movies and, sadly, people tend to watch only the stream, which is totally not the same thing as watching it from your hdd, but almost 2000 downloads, which makes 5 downloads per day on average, is enough to make me happy. :)

The movie was posted on various sites in many languages and most of the comments were positive. There also was a little bit of constructive criticism and I'll use it while editing my current project, which, by the way, will be very different from afterspray, which I made thinking about making something that the community will like, this around time it'll be about using an original idea/theme for the movie that I thought it would be cool to work on.

Anyway, if you haven't seen The Afterspray yet, or you watched it a long time ago, it's a nice opportunity to watch it again :)

Capturing footage!

Two days ago I finalized some ql config releated stuff, yesterday I cleaned up 100 gigs from my HDD and today I've began capturing footage:) Already captured all the frags that I rated 10/10 and half way through the 9's. Things are going super fast :)

Oh, btw according to my flag counter, yesterday my blog hit 1337 unique visitors w00t!

Pretty cool I must admit. Anyway, I found a nice blog with music that will fit into the movie, so yeah a lot of listening again:) The music that I use in my videos is really important to me.

Expect more blog post in the near future :)

czwartek, 11 sierpnia 2011

Three dee!

Hello there, it's been a while since my last blog post. Suprisingly now that I have a lot of free time I lack motivation to work on the movie. Some days are exceptions though and I'm close to starting capturing footage. Before that I have to finalize custom stuff, like the hud or in game billboards. At first I didn't have a slightest clue how to make a hud, but thanks to it became childs play. Since the hud I'll use will have a custom font / icons, I had to go through the hassle of locating the responsible files in the ql .pk3's. If anyone is interested I might share my knowladge about it later on.

Meanwhile I found and fixed some minor flaws in the cfg and still, as always till the last minute, triend to find a perfect song(s?) for the movie. That's a really hard task considering that the music genre is really niche this time and I'm sure a lot of people will really hate it only because of the music. It will really fit the theme of the movie and there's no turning back now. At least it will be original. :)

Oh yeah as the title of this blog post says I'm starting to learn 3D modeling and animation. I got myself ZBrush and 3Ds max and some ebooks about them. So yeah, if I'll work hard I might learn something and use it in my movies, and more!:) Something to look forward to.

Uh, I'm pretty sure a lot of people is already dead tired of waiting for this movie to be released, well I'm really sorry but I'm a normal human and I also have other things to do then just dwell in front of the screen, also I don't want to rush it. So yeah, it'll be released when it's done.