czwartek, 9 września 2010

O hai

Sorry for not posting anything for a while. I was away dealing with some university related stuff, everything went fine and now I'm back. :)
Concerning demos, I already received a couple, didn't have the time to go through them tho, but I recognized some names and I'm certain I won't be disappointed.

I'm thinking about finishing the stuff I wanted to do for the tek9 contest and release it as a minor project. I was thinking about making daily updates again, just like with afterspray, but this time I would really explain everything I do with details, talk about important stuff. It would be a kind of a movie making tutorial. I think it's a neat idea. What do you think guys?:)

środa, 1 września 2010

All your demos are belong to us.

So yeah, one after the great reception of afterspray, I'm not wasting time and I ask everyone to take a look at their demo folder and send me all you awesome frags / flag captures / quad runs, etc.
Keep in mind, that I'm very picky when it comes to gathering footage for my movies, so before you send me anything take a look at my previous frag movies and send me only better frags that you can see in those. Also, the frags have to be fresh and not featured in any movie.

Also, you need to watch the demo and write down the exact time of the frag (or period of time if it's a longer sequence) and then put it in the demo name or add a .txt file. I won't accept demos without times.

This movie will be different than most of the frag videos out there. Get ready for unusual music, that one might either love or hate. I also have a lot of neat ideas for this movie.

There's still plent of time to send me the demos, but please, don't hestitate. :)

Send the demos to my email hell5pawn [at]