czwartek, 25 października 2012


 A while ago, a good friend of mine recommended me this little, point-and-click adventure game called Machinarium. It's a great indie game with lots of puzzles and amazing, hand-drawn art. While playing it, I was taken on a trip into a beautiful world, full of inspiring sights, mind-twisting riddles and a well thought-out story :) An interesting aspect of the game is that there are no dialogues - the game replaces speech with simple sign language, as a result, you don't need to know english to play:)

Go ahead and visit to play the free demo online, and if you like it, buy it! :)
Oh, and btw, try to pass it without using any of the hints! I did :)

wtorek, 23 października 2012

New blog banner

Finally, I sat down and replaced the ugly "under construction" banner with a new decent one. It shows the new logo I was working on during vacations. Hope you like it:) I still have to finish this little animation, it's a transition between my old "logo" and the new one. Hopefully I'll manage to release it this year. :}

niedziela, 21 października 2012

Mural gallery - Gdańsk Zaspa

As promissed, I've made a gallery of murals I've taken pictures of 3 weeks ago. Below I posted some closeups of some of the more interesting ones (or at least for me). For the complete gallery follow this link.

Next up is the mural gallery from Wrocław. Stay tuned:) Also, if you have some interesting street art in your city or neighbourhood it would be awesome if you'd leave a picture in the comments, I'd love to see it!=)

piątek, 19 października 2012

All your base are belong to us

Jeez, it was already a month since I last posted, damn time sure flies. A lot of things happened in the meanwhile. I passed my driving license exam, broke up with my gf, qualified for that 2nd course at my university.. Oh yeah, I have some damn cool classes now, like drawing, paiting, sculpting, basics of interior design, visual communication, product design, etc. All in all, interesting stuff. The downside is that I don't have time for slacking, and I have to buy a lot of stuff (large paper sheets, paint, paintbrushes, etc. etc.) But I guess it's all for the best. :) I'll try to post some of my work later.

Last month I visited Gdańsk and took photos of some more murals! yay! Here's a little teaser. A while ago I posted a picture of a mural made by the same author - "M-City".

I've already made a gallery of the photos of murals I've taken in Gdańsk, but I yet have to upload it somewhere.. picasa most likely. I also have to finally sort out the photos of murals from Wrocław.. soon!:D