piątek, 25 grudnia 2009

Xmas! w00t

Didn't have the motivation to post anything for the last few days. First of all I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Santa brought me a shaver from Braun ;)

Oh, yeah! Tek9 released the signup list.. and whoa.. I'll give you the exact numbers
number of participants - game
  • 1 - BF2
  • 1 - COD MW2
  • 1 - CS 1.6 / CS:S
  • 2 - undecided game
  • 3 - COD5:WaW
  • 5 - Q3
  • 5 - QL
  • 6 - DoD:S
  • 8 - trackmania
  • 11 - TF2
  • 13 - COD2
  • 28 - CS:S
  • 87 - COD4
  • 126 - CS 1.6
Which makes a total of 297 participants! >.< pretty sick

I can't wait to see the Q3/QL vids, I'm also curious about TF2 movies.. :)

But I'm not losing time myself, today I've rendered an alpha version of my vid, still quite a bit to improve, but I guess you can call it a minivideo already :)

I'm pretty sure I won't make any bigger changes (music, concept) after changing the concept 3 times ( >.< uh) I'm pretty sure this is it. Experimenting a lot as always. I hope people will like it as much as I do :)

Heh, while rendering the alpha vegas crashed a few times, always in the same point of vid, had to remove it for now.. pretty gay since I've spent few hours on that part yesterday.. gonna try to fix today. Vegas never crashed while my previous projects..

piątek, 18 grudnia 2009

Free time!

Yesterday I got home and I'm not leavin' till like 3-4 of January :) But I don't have time to rest, without wasting time I'm starting to write map reviews today and I'll probably finish them today to start making my minivideo!

Today tek9 will release a signup list for the contest. Three days ago they gave everyone a sneak peak, showing the number of registered participants along with the games they will be working on.
I'll post something once the list is released.

sobota, 5 grudnia 2009

Busy December

December just started and it looks like I'll have plenty of work. First there's the Maverick Servers Mapping Contest where I am one of the judges. I'm really excited about it because I've seen some beta versions and teasers and believe me or not, it will be hot :D I'll post more info about the contest later on. Other then that, 2 days ago TEK9 announced a new video contest. I've participated in the last one, Zero being my submission. This time it's a mini video contest sponsored by AMD. The rules say that the video should be from 60 up to 90 seconds long. I already have millions of ideas in my head :) Thank god I won't have any exams in uni this month ;)

Oh, btw few days ago my friend showed me a great game! It's called isketch and it's A LOT of fun! Especially if you're playing with your friends. Check it out! :)

niedziela, 22 listopada 2009

A bit about me

Well, I guess I should actually write something about myself..

I'm an average guy! Atm I'm 19 years old. I study Mechanics and Construction of Machines at the 'Technical University of Koszalin' and I live in the local students' hostel. MMmm.. interests.. Music! I like various types of music, but I'll name a few of my favourites.. The Prodigy, Pendulum and the Bloodhound Gang ..hahah. I often go to the local clubs to enjoy the music and dance :) Apart from that, I like watching movies, but I don't watch TV too often. I listen to the radio much more.. I don't read books! I'm too lazy :(

And now the other side of me, the dark gaming side! rofl! I've started playing online few years ago. I always liked quake. Started off with Q3ADemo, met some really cool guys there on the NoGhost servers and I didn't want to leave them so I upgraded to Q3 1.16n and I am still there! Playing FreezeRail with my clan mates. Over a year ago when QuakeLive was released (in that time closed beta). It was love at first sight :) So yeah, atm I have 2 clans, Shadow Railers in Q3 1.16n and Pussies in QuakeLive. Both games are tons of fun!
I'm also a decent movie maker, you can watch all of them on my youtube account. I have 2 movies in my head right now, both of them are QL vids. Too bad these days I don't have much time because of uni, but I'll surely make those vids sooner or later! I can't wait to start working on them :)

I guess that's it, thanks for readin'!