niedziela, 22 listopada 2009

A bit about me

Well, I guess I should actually write something about myself..

I'm an average guy! Atm I'm 19 years old. I study Mechanics and Construction of Machines at the 'Technical University of Koszalin' and I live in the local students' hostel. MMmm.. interests.. Music! I like various types of music, but I'll name a few of my favourites.. The Prodigy, Pendulum and the Bloodhound Gang ..hahah. I often go to the local clubs to enjoy the music and dance :) Apart from that, I like watching movies, but I don't watch TV too often. I listen to the radio much more.. I don't read books! I'm too lazy :(

And now the other side of me, the dark gaming side! rofl! I've started playing online few years ago. I always liked quake. Started off with Q3ADemo, met some really cool guys there on the NoGhost servers and I didn't want to leave them so I upgraded to Q3 1.16n and I am still there! Playing FreezeRail with my clan mates. Over a year ago when QuakeLive was released (in that time closed beta). It was love at first sight :) So yeah, atm I have 2 clans, Shadow Railers in Q3 1.16n and Pussies in QuakeLive. Both games are tons of fun!
I'm also a decent movie maker, you can watch all of them on my youtube account. I have 2 movies in my head right now, both of them are QL vids. Too bad these days I don't have much time because of uni, but I'll surely make those vids sooner or later! I can't wait to start working on them :)

I guess that's it, thanks for readin'!

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