sobota, 5 grudnia 2009

Busy December

December just started and it looks like I'll have plenty of work. First there's the Maverick Servers Mapping Contest where I am one of the judges. I'm really excited about it because I've seen some beta versions and teasers and believe me or not, it will be hot :D I'll post more info about the contest later on. Other then that, 2 days ago TEK9 announced a new video contest. I've participated in the last one, Zero being my submission. This time it's a mini video contest sponsored by AMD. The rules say that the video should be from 60 up to 90 seconds long. I already have millions of ideas in my head :) Thank god I won't have any exams in uni this month ;)

Oh, btw few days ago my friend showed me a great game! It's called isketch and it's A LOT of fun! Especially if you're playing with your friends. Check it out! :)

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