poniedziałek, 10 listopada 2014

Dobry Sztos

Hey guys, due to lack of free time and motivation I decided to drop the av3k movie project. If anyone is interested in the timestamped demos, just let me know, I'll be more than happy to see someone make use of them.

For those interested in what am I up to these days, I'm working part-time, studying and trying to set up a graphic design studio with a good friend of mine. Right now we're building the brand, taking part in contests, looking for opportunities, etc. It's still small, but we're working on it at a constant pace.

If you're interested - check it out:
dobrysztos.pl (under construction)

czwartek, 16 stycznia 2014


So the xmas break ended a while ago, I kept going through demos and watched all of the demos from the spreadsheet, DHS2013 and FaceIT legends demos. I found a couple of movie worthy frags, but nothing jaw-dropping really. I've downloaded a whole lot of other demos from different events, probably gonna download more soon, BUT right now I don't have the time to view them. The semester is about to end so I'm really busy with uni stuff.

Concerning my last post and possible abandoning the project, don't worry, even if I'll think that making av3k movie is a waste of time because of the content quality, I'll surely release the timestapped demos so that any willing moviemaker could pick them up and make an av3k movie instead of me.. And yeah the quality of footage so far wasn't that good, it's a bit sad that I was more fired up watching my own dm17 demos, *sigh*.

As proof that I'm busy with uni stuff, here's a doghouse concept for a dog pound. :)