wtorek, 9 lutego 2010

Blast from the past!

A while ago I noticed that the download links for my old q3 movies aren't working anymore. A friend of mine reminded me about them so I decided to fix them and by the way post them here.. hah ancient times :> All of those vids are available on youtube, most of them with modified (or without at all) audio.

qOs Clan Movie 1
My first movie :') Made on q3 1.16n. Features my freezerail clan. The xvid version is huge(600mb), that was my first attempt with compression and I didn't know much about it.. Luckily my clan mate made a x264 version from the xvid one. Quality drops a bit but the size is much smaller(200mb).


My 2nd movie, this time I converted demos from .dm3 to .dm68 and used q3mme. I still enjoy watching this movie. :)

qOs Clan Movie 2
Another freezerail movie, but this time with a bit of vq3 frags too. Lots of improvements since the prequel.

A noghost community video, after qOs vid 2 I dropped XVID and triend x264 for the first time. Here are the results


Enjoy! :)

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