środa, 13 czerwca 2012

Retexturing "The Longest Yard"

My new project will feature only one map, just like in my mini-movie seventeen - The Longest Yard (also known as dm17), but I want to replace the original textures with something else. It'll be my first movie with so much custom content. Usually, I'm against custom skins, models and HD textures. Mostly because it's the same texture pack over and over again. This time I want to make some new custom content on my own, we'll see how it'll work out.
Yesterday, I started to browse through QL textures in order to find all those that are used on dm17. I found almost all of them, then I added a number and border to each and you can see the outcome on the attached screenshot I'm not entirely sure about the theme I'll be aiming for.. maybe something minimalistic, with solid colours, or maybe a flying machine above the clouds? :) I'm getting excited already.

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