niedziela, 24 czerwca 2012

Watching demos

Yesterday, I didn't have internet connection so I couldn't report my progress. I've watched all the day1 groupstage demos, found some decent frags, nothing breath taking though. Hopefully I'll find some great frags later on. I didn't follow the livestreams and I didn't watch the matches before, so if anyone who did remembers any memorable moments - let me know:)

Watching demos takes time and dends to get boring fast. After watching the demos, I started playing with sculpting in ZBrush, started doing my first model, a fairy tale-ish dragon, based on my gf's illustrations. It's still not done yet, but working on it is a lot of fun. ZBrush is such a great tool to work with.
Today, I'll be working on some stuff for university. After this week I'll be done with this semester, so afterwards I'll focus entirely on the movie.

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