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Humble bundle 5!

If anyone isn't familiar with HumbleBundle, it's a pack of games made by independed developers. To get it, you can pay what you want for it, but if you pay more than the average, you get an extra game. Some of the cash goes to charity, for more info check out their site. Anyway, this is the first humblebundle I purchased myself. I was tempted about buying the previous ones, but in the end I gave up on them.

This time the games listed were pretty awesome. I found Limbo especially interesting, and it's the only game I checked out so far. It's a side scrolling adventure/puzzle game. It's dark and eerie and at times it's quite gruesome. Especially since there's no health bar and thus all the dangers that await you are lethal. Luckily enough for all the casual gamers, after dying you just reappear a little behind the obstacle that killed you. I played it for quite a while now and I love it. My girlfriend likes it too:)

Other than limbo, there are some other games that also seem to be very interesting.. I'll post more once I check them out. That might take a while since I'm busy with stuff for university, this semester is about to end and I'm still due with some projects and reports. Yikes!

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