niedziela, 10 czerwca 2012


Didn't have much access to the internet in the last 2 days and I didn't have a chance to write a new post. But worry do not, because here it is! Some stuff happened recently, first of all, I passed LIMBO and I think the game is simply fantastic, playing it is a must for everyone. On a related sidenote, I got a email from humblebundle that they have added 3 more games to their fifth edition, among them there's Super Meat Boy, which is the next game I'm going to check out since it has a cool 8bit soundtrack that I listened to while working on pixelbeat. I'll write some more about it after I try it.

Yesterday, there was a one map: The Longest Yard (dm17) quakelive tourney going on. I wanted to signup for it, but because of all the mess with organization, I gave up on it. Apparently it was kind of successful. Maximzr, the best dm17 player, won the final game against noresz (2:1). I might signup for the next tourney, if they'll hold one. Anyway, I have to find out if any of the players made some impressive frags.
Speaking of frags, I watched all my demos for my next movie project. I found some really nice commands in wolfcamql that speed up watching demos.
  • fragforward - which playbacks only frags (5 seconds before the frag and ~3 seconds after it) 
  • seekclock - which allows you to jump to any part of the demo (seekclock minutes:seconds)
With these two commands I can go through demos much, muuuch faster. I might start working on this new project soon. With all the experience from my past projects, I make movies faster, and faster. So yeah, expect a new movie this summer.

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