niedziela, 8 lipca 2012

Working hard

I'm doing my best to make it before the deadline, I didn't start capturing footage yet though... Had to test some settings and figure out the best values. But I'll be capturing footage today and tonight for sure.

Recently there were some movies released, one of them has pretty much the same content as the movie I'm working on. It covers the same esports event after all.  But I can already tell you that my movie isn't going to be anything like it. There will be another DH summer 2012 movie besides mine. (or more? heh) It's actually interesting bacause it will be a first for me to be able to be compared to other movies with such similar content.
There also was another movie released, it's an entry to the RoG movie contest. (the one I'm taking part in too). The guy abused sony vegas transitions, and thus ruined a decent movie. Pity.

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