czwartek, 26 lipca 2012

Zbrush and murals

It's been a couple of days since my last post. But that doesn't mean I'm slacking! I've been modelling this funny, fairy tale dragon in zbrush. It's based on a short series of illustrations made by my girl friend. It isn't done yet but I must admit that I like it already. I've learned a lot about zbrush, it's a really handy tool and I really enjoy working with it. Next I want to make a HD remake of sarge (quake player model) for my next movie project. I'm really excited about it.

Anyway, changing the subject, the city I live in right now, has a lot of street art known as murals. I thought it would be pretty neat to go around the city and take pictures of each of them. Today I've taken picture of the first one. Apparently it shows a destroyed bridge and trains that are falling into water. Pretty cool I must admit. It gets a lot of attention too, because it's really close to a big shopping centre and the main railway station. Actually, the brick buildings that you can see in the background on the right are a bridge with rails. So yeah, this mural clearly relates to that.

It's signed M-City, no clue if it's the title or the author. This photograph is a begining of a seriee. Expect more of these soon. Anyway, tell me what do you think, does this mural impress you? Do you think that I should post more photos of interesting things that I see?

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