czwartek, 26 lipca 2012

More murals!

Here are some parts of murals that I've taken pictures of today. I'll have to come back again later when there won't be any cars in the way. The first picture is just one part of a very long wall covered in murals. Later I'll try to merge the pictures together.

 These two pictures were also on the same wall, oddly enough it seems that at one point a part of the wall was taken down, and the mural with it.. It's a shame that I didn't get to see it.

Anyway, I'm still working on the dragon hopefully I'll finish it in the following days. I also have to come up with my logo and finish the facelift of the blog. Hm..

2 komentarze:

  1. Na dragona czeka wiele osób, kończ kończ go :)

  2. first photo is brilliant !