poniedziałek, 2 lipca 2012


Right now I'm getting ready to start capturing footage from the demos I've picked. Before I start doing that, I have to know what in-game configuration (cfg), resolution and frame rate I want to use.
I already know that the video resolution will be 1280x720 (limitted by the competition rules). I'm not yet sure about the config, as I want to try out something different. As for frame rate, I want to add some motion blur to the video, but not too much. I can achive that in two ways - by using a wolfcamql command called mme_motionblurframes or by capturing the video with a higher frame rate and then lowering it in vegas.
I'm going to try different values until I'm happy with the outcome.
I was also playing around with the codecs. For the first time I made a low quality template for rendering fast previews to check if the video and audio are synchronised together properly, I don't need high quality to check that. In my previous projects I used to render short parts in max quality just to check if something is right. Such a waste of time! With the deadline closing in, I don't have time for that, so these LQ previews will work wonders. ;)  I was also looking for some real high quality settings.. and I found some but it was compressing veeery slowly (5 seconds took 10 minutes to compress), so I'll have to play around some more with different values. Such things take time but they're necessary if you want to make the movie properly. More news soon!

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