piątek, 15 października 2010

waaazup \o/

huhu, again it's been a while since the last time I've posted, sorry about that :) Studies and student life occupy nearly all of my free time.

For anyone interested, I'm still accepting demos for my next project, actually I didn't get any recently.

I didn't start working on it yet though. But no worries, time isn't going to waste, right now I'm working on a short clip for my roommate, I'm using after effects to add some fancy stuff. It's pretty much the first serious time I'm using it and I'm learning tons. I'm especially interested in 3D effects and animations cause I want to use some of those in my next quake movie.

The short clip will be available on youtube, but not on my channel, I'll make a post when it's done and paste a link to it. It won't be anything spectacular though, so don't expect much. :)

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