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Few thoughts about frags

Since quakelive is offline right now I can't watch demos for the movie, I thought I'll write a bit about frags for movies.

While watching the submitted demos I noticed few things.

Nowadays when we watch a frag movie we want to see really good content. The frags should be unique and fresh, everyone is already bored by ztn plasma + rail spawn kills, dm6 'rail-jumppad' lg holds, etc. Also, the viewer is looking for kills that require skill, random spammed rocket that results in a mid air rocket isn't anywhere as good as a precisely landed one. Every-day, casual frags don't have a place in frag movies as well. We all know that.. Yet, for some reason, some players (and I'm not talking about only newbies but recognizable players also) don't seem to understand it.

Before submitting a frag, people should actually watch it one more time and ask themselves "Would I like to see a frag like this in a movie?". Everyone always approaches the content of frag movies in a critical way, everyone should look at their own frags in the same way.

You might be thinking that I'm asking for too much.. hell, maybe I do! But if you don't like it then submit your demos elsewhere, there's a bunch of beginners that would be more than happy to get to work on 'average movie quality' frags.

Heh, this post has such a negative feel to it. It's not like I've rejected all the demos I received, some of them are really nice.

If you've submitted some demos to me and you're wondering if they were rejected beforehand just e-mail me and I'll let you know.

Oh and btw, in the info post I mentioned that I'm looking for entertaining and dynamic frags. I had to reject some frags because they weren't dynamic enough but I'm sure some other movie maker would be very happy to work on them because they deserve to be in a movie, they just wouldn't fit in the one that I'm working on. So yeah as I wrote in the last paragraph just e-mail me. To be honest everyone who's submitted some demos should e-mail. Now let's see how many of you follows this blog and is actually interested how things are going, hah! My guess is none :)

Oh and btw 2, I had to reject some frags because they were used in other movies. I don't understand people that submit frags to many moviemakers at once. You could at least let me know! *cough*draven*cough*

Oh and btw 3, I'm still accepting demos!

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