sobota, 24 grudnia 2011

Back to work!

Few days ago I resumed work on the movie. It's almost christmas time and I have a lot of different stuff to do as well but I try to spend my free time on movie making.

I didn't start putting the actual movie together yet, but I'm getting closer to that. Yesterday I've put all of the frags I've got into vegas and rendered previews. If put together these previews make up to about 10 minutes of footage. Of course I won't use all of that. In the end the movie will be somewhere between 4 and 6 minutes, or at least that's what I'm planning. I want to keep it short and interesting. Long movies tend to get boring after a while and I'd rather see people complaining that it was too short than the opposite.

I'll probably go back to wolfcam later on to render a recam or two for appropriate moments in the movie.

Also, still not 100% sure about music, and it's been over a year now that I'm thinking about it. heh. oh btw while talking about dilemmas. I have no freaking idea how to name it. Hopefully I'll think of something while editting.

When will it be ready? In 2012 for sure.

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