środa, 8 maja 2013

The RL

Soo, yesterday I picked up the good ol' rocket launcher model and I'm going to continue my "remake" that I started a couple of months ago. I'm dropping ZBrush for the moment though, as I'll work mainly in Blender (got sorta used to it). I made a shitty FullHD render of the original model yesterday. Thought I'll share it with yall.

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  1. LG what? A render like this one? Easy. Hm.. wouldn't be a bad idea to make a series of renders with all of the weapons, I'd have to work on the scene in the background though, it's a bit plain as it is now..

  2. Hah, i'm interested what can you do with those models, as there are no reference images of the details, and it's hard to guess how things should really look like, based just on the low res quake textures.
    It's not gonna be easy.

    BTW, You were right about Blender, i switched to blender like a month ago and it's great, modeling is more comfortable than in 3ds!

    Good luck!


  3. This looks really cool :D , so cool that I would like to 3D print it as a keychain :) . Always wanted to have the good old q3 rocket launcher on the keys. Can you send me an fbx/obj of this, it would make me the happiest person alive! I would obvously send you a photo of the finished product!

    my e-mail is bojan.brbora@gmail.com

  4. "Real life RL model" guy here.
    I love it. Shame I cannot (or do not know how to) imitate that glossy metal effect on my model.
    This one looks very similar to one I made in SolidWorks. It has a lot of edges, it is not as round as models in your previous posts.