sobota, 13 marca 2010

What's cookin'

Just downloaded 257mb of demos from the IEM4 Global finals, uh. It's really a pain to download them one by one. If someone would be interested I might zip 'em all together and upload somewhere.

Again, a few demos were missing, some interesting ones too =/ oh well.

I'm not sure about adding demos from american and asian finals.. maybe if someone would watch those demos and write down the timing.. yeah that would be nice. Watching all those demos is so damn time consuming.. Especially since I have only time on the weekends, but that might change soon.

Lack of time is my main problem right now, most of my free time on weekends I spend on practice matches with my clan (bibs #3 around the corner). I still didn't watch the povs mentioned in the last post >.<.. If someone is willing to help me out by watching at least a few of the demos I'd be really grateful. If you're willing to give me a hand, email me -

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