piątek, 29 lipca 2011

ding dong!

Today is my last day of work, actually, I'm writing this post from a PC of a friendly local worker, there's a badass laser right next to me, cutting shapes from metal plates.

So yeah, later today I'll have to clean up the dorm and pack my stuff, my father will pick me up in the evening.

Yeeeeah, vacations! Finally a lot of time to focus on the movie. You're probably wondering how's the movie going, and well, it's going slow. Recently I've upgraded wolfcam to 8.3 and noticed this nifty little command that let's you render footage at higher res then your screen supports, so yeah probably the highest res version will be 1080p but I don't think that it's gonna be the 'main version' what I mean is that the size of frag messages and stuff will be adjusted to the 720p version. I also worked a bit on custom content, like the ingame ads, hud etc - stuff that I have to finish before I start capturing footage.

Recently a few nice movies popped up on ESR, I was envious of zeroql's movie crisp and clear quality so I asked him about it, he gave me a link to a youtube tutorial for ultra HD movies or something, heh, to be honest I expected something more than that, like megui presets, bitrate or something, but it's fine as long as I'll get the desired quality :)

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