czwartek, 24 stycznia 2013

Back from the dead!

Uh oh, you guys might have thought that I'm dead. Na-ah! I'm back. Sorry for the really looong silence, I was trying to focus on my uni classes and some other personal stuff. Oh, I was also messing around 3D a lot, learned tons but there's still a lot to learn. I don't have anything particular to show off so I'll pass for now.
Um, so yeah, the winter semester at uni is about to end, once it's over I'll have time to work on something more enjoyable. I'd like to make a new ql movie or finish some of my old projects that I've left half done, like the rocket laucher model.. OH! yeah btw the model, an annonymous friend has made a real rocket launcher model out of screenshots that I've sent him. For more info check the comments under this post. He really made an awesome job, check it out!:)

So yeah, new stuff soon.

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