niedziela, 3 lutego 2013

Games, games, games!

I thought I'll write a bit about a couple of games I've played in the few past months.
I'll start off with Unmechanical

Unmechanical is a side-scrolling adventure puzzle game, with physics, stunning 3D graphics, great ambiance and what not! The movement in this game is also something you're not used to, as you'll be flying all of the time (well, almost). The only letdown is the length of the game, if I recall correctly I finished the game in one sitting.. and the ending is quite abrupt, feels like a sequel should be on it's way.. I don't want to spoil too much, but trust me, the game's really something. OH! and you can get it now from indie royale for a mare 4,04€ (right now) with four other games. (normally you'd have to pay 9€ for unmechanical alone!). So yeah, go check that out at indieroyale or if you still aren't convinced, check out the release trailer:

The 2nd game I wanted to post about is MIBO Arcade

MIBO Arcade is a fun little android game developed by my friend in his free time. To be frank, it turned out to be quite cool. It's a simple arcanoid conversion that's controlled using the smartphone's accelerometer (or alternatively, you can enable on-screen buttons in the options). The game features  multiple levels, replenishable health, double point bonuses, thrilling boss fights and more! All that accompanied by music of Binärpilot

If you have an android device, give it a shot and grab it for free from Google Play.

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