niedziela, 31 marca 2013

Happy easter!

It's this time of year again, happy easter people! (or Zombie Jesus Day) Have a good one :)
A while ago I was learning how to use CorelDraw and I made this simple "winter/easter themed" illustration, thought I'd share it with yall. Right now it's still winter here in Poland (it's unusual for winter to last so long), that's where the winter theme comes from.

If you're wondering why I didn't post anything new recently, well, uh I don't have a valid excuse :D I finally finished all the due stuff from my previous semester tho, (I felt at least ten times lighter afterwards, seriously) and I made 2 simple websites, but I won't show them cause they aren't anything special.

OH, and I played quake! There's this q3 iFT clanbase ladder that was brought back to life after a couple of years. Oddly enough it even has some activity going on. After talking to my good ol' buddies we managed to play an official ladder game. Feels good to be back. Hopefully we'll manage to catch some more games in the following weeks.

As for movie making, I'll try to start working on the dm17 movie in my free time. I promise! I'm also thinking about music for the next big projekt - Av3k movie! ;o

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