sobota, 24 lipca 2010

Still a lot of things to do.

Heh, to think that a while ago I said that the vid would be released by now.. I still haven't touched vegas (a video editing tool). Right now I'm watching/capturing footage from demos of players that didn't get through the world finals group stage (Chance, dkt, griffin, jibo, stermy, strenx). Since they didn't get to the playoffs they don't have many demos, so this will go fast.

Yesterday I've ran out of disk space, hah. Had to clean up to get additional 50 GB's but I'm not sure for how long will it last. Once I've captured all the footage I'll post some screens of my footage folder.

I wish I could already get to editing and putting everything together. Working with demos is such a pain. 

A while ago I thought I had the soundtrack settled but now it seems that I'll use something completely different. We'll see how it works out :)

I don't remember whether I've mentioned it earlier but I've entered the NoGhost Mapping competition #2. Just for fun, I don't expect anything. There are about 2 weeks left, it ends before QuakeCon, because one of the sponsors (AMD/ATI) wants to use the maps in their booth. So yeah, not a lot of time left and I've done almost nothing :D Well, I've made some attempts but in the end I wasn't happy about them. Recently, I've sketched a layout for a duel map and I want to finish it before the deadline. I plan to make the design simple, yet nice. We'll see if I'll find the time. It will be my first map :)

Alright, back to capturing footage!

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