poniedziałek, 2 sierpnia 2010

Next stage!

I'm done with demos. Today, I finally finished rendering lossless quality footage. My footage folder now contains 79 .avi files and uses 140 GB of my HDD. That's quite a lot, I'm not sure if I had this much for my previous projects. I won't use everything though, I think about 1/4 of those avi's won't make it to the final movie.

Few days ago I started working with photoshop, making name tags to be exact. It's a lot of fun :) I hope people will like them, there's a lot of variety, I don't want to follow one pattern.

A while ago I was thinking whether I'll use this movie for the current Tek9 contest or my next project. Now when there's about a month till the end of the contest, the question changes: Should I enter the contest with the IEM4 movie or should I withdraw. The worst thing about entering the tek9 contest would be the release, according to the rules I won't be able to upload the movie anywhere else before the voting/judging period is over.. which really sucks, because to download the movie, people would have to register at tek9 site. From experience (Zero) I know that people don't want to register at sites to vote/download.. I'll probably make a post at ESR and ask people if they would support me. 

Oh, btw I'm planning to post daily updates of my work on the vid. Stay tuned! :)

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