piątek, 27 sierpnia 2010

Few words for clarification

Hah, I couldn't imagine a better release of afterspray, not even in my wildest dreams. It's a huge success and it only motivates me to work on further projects. I won't be going into details just yet, gonna release some numbers and charts tomorrow.

What I wanted to write in this post is a response to a couple of comments.

First of all, the title. I had a hard time with finding a good name for the movie. Some of you might heard the ESR's "I'm spraying cum everywhere!" (when for example a tourney is announced, or is drawing near). Later on Carmac, a well known ESL employee, used a modified version of the sentance in his ESR columns, for example "IEM European Championship - sprayworthy?" or "IEM World Championship - let's (s)pray". I thought it would be nice to name the movie in a similar fashion.

Next, fox name tag. Everyone thinks it's a dinosaur skeleton, when in fact it is supposed to be a upright fox skeleton. I found the original image with google, I was looking for a fox skeleton / skull. I really like the image and as I mentioned in the previous post - this name tag is my favourite.

Calipt, heh. That's a funny story as I already explained at ESR I didn't have an idea what to use as calipt's name tag, so I had a little chat with him on irc. He said that he likes wearing caps so a cap would be nice. So I googled it and a bunch of different caps showed up, I found this outstanding image and showed it to him as I found it funny, but I didn't thought about actually using it. He said he loves it and asked if I could photoshop his face into it and use it. And so I did ;)

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  1. Hi,
    Very nice fm! Even esr folks appreciated it, which doesn't happen very often. You've made a really good decision to make it not too long but packed with only top frags. Also music is very nicely synchronized with frags. Best QL fm I've watched so far.

    Keep up the good work, really looking forward to your next movies :)