wtorek, 3 sierpnia 2010

Daily update #1

As promised here's the first daily update! Today, I've setup a good .veg (sony vegas file) for the video. Had to enter the right frame rate, resolution and stuff like that, pretty boring but it didn't take more than 10 minutes because I basically based it on the trailer one :)

Most of the work today I've spent on making a nice ESL logo animation for the intro bit. Luckily I found a high res version of the logo. I've put it into photoshop and seperated stuff into different layers, upper stripe, lower stripe, background and so on :) The outcome looks pretty decent, I'll probably fine polish it later on. 

Here's an editor ss, almost nothing to see yet :)

I also worked a bit on some name tags again, still a couple of players left.

Tomorrow, I'll probably make a "Hell5pawn videos" intro, with the usual no-life "room" :D Gotta think what to put on the monitor :) Cya tomorrow!

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