wtorek, 17 sierpnia 2010

Daily update #14 and #15

Yesterday, I wasn't able to make a post because of the massive thunderstorm that was coming and going during the evening which eventually leaded to power outage in the night. 

Because of the wheather I wasn't able to do a thing. The only notable thing I've made was measuring the time my sony vegas turns on. It takes almost 30 minutes, lol. Hardcore.

Today, the power went out a few times as well, they were probably fixing some power lines. But this time I made some significant progress, sorted out all the audio issues encountered so far. Also, I spent around 2 hours on fine polishing the intro, and it's done. It's nice and short. :)

I've also messed around with some frags, but didn't make a lot of progress there. 

Time is slipping away and the tek9 contest deadline draws near. I have a lot of ideas in my head for the side project thingy and I'll do my best to make it in time, dunno if I'll make it tho. I'll probably use latest qcon demos as well so stay tuned. :)

Oh, yeah. Here's today's editor shot. Things are starting to look busy. At the same time, it's pretty clean, I really like this shot. :)

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