wtorek, 24 sierpnia 2010

Daily update #23 - last update :)

The movie is done, as I'm typing this I'm rendering the whole thing. It will be released tomorrow in the afternoon. You might ask yourself, "why not now? Isn't it done yet?!". Well, yeah it's done, but first it has to render which takes about 1,5 of an hour, then I have to compress it, which takes 2 and a half of an hour. Afterwards I have to upload it, which takes quite a while, considering my upload rate is at pathetic 30 kbps. Also, I want to upload it to a couple of places before I release it. Also, I'm pretty sure that after rendering/compressing I'll find some detail that should be fixed. It might be something really, really small, but I'll still fix and re-render the whole thing. I can't wait to have this released. :)

edit, oh yeah, I almost forgot. Here's the final editor shot, and a second one where I made the tracks flat so you can see everything, :)

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