poniedziałek, 9 sierpnia 2010

Daily update #7!

I've made quite a lot today.

Besides adding several frags, I've finally connected the intro with the frag part. In order to do it, I've recorded a short clip with a little help from 2 friends.

Also, to avoid confusion and errors while puttings the frags together, I've made an overview of my footage and I've used that to see the order of the clips I've already used. It's the first time I'm doing something like this in photoshop. (In my previous projects I'd usually print a screenshot of my footage folder and write down numbers with a pen) I really like the colours for each player. (the numbers at the bottom don't mean anything, I use them to mark the order on the frags)

At the end of the day I've rendered everything that I've made so far, I'm quite happy about the results, but there's still a couple of moments I'm going to improve.

Here's today's editor shot, quite a bit different than the recent ones.


Tomorrow, I'll continue to put the frags together, I might fix some stuff too, we'll see :)

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