niedziela, 22 sierpnia 2010

Daily update #20

Due to an unexpected power outage last night I was unable to make a blog update.

 Right now I'm designing / editing / adding names tags. It's a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to see comments about them. 

When I rendered the movie last time I noticed a slow moment that interrupts the flow of the movie. It might be hard to fix it, but I'll try to figure something out. Apart from that, apparently I overlooked (overheard? :)) one audio file that still needs fixing. Adjusting it won't be troublesome tho.

Here's yesterday's editor shot. As you can notice, some new stuff appeared above the video clips, those are the mentioned name tags, when finished, they'll be all over the place ;)

Anyway, things are looking good and I expect to release the movie either this night or tomorrow. I'm going to post it simultaneously at the main Quakelive site, ESR and maybe some other community pages. I will upload it to youtube, own3d and a server for direct download of course. Also there will be some additional content posted here. So stay tuned! ;)

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