piątek, 20 sierpnia 2010

Daily update #18

Jeez, another day of solid hard work. I'm silly tired again.

The frag part is pretty much put together. Still, some audio to fix, tweak this, change that. Gonna look for weaker parts of the vid for possible replacements.

When all frags will be in place, I'll start to add name tags, that will probably take a couple of hours, considering rendering previews and stuff like that.

Today I also started work on my side project for the tek9 contest. I gathered tons of resources, also started capturing some footage, I have a lot of neat ideas in my head, but I'm not sure how will I put everything together.. probably gonna think about it tomorrow. I also can't wait to get my hands on the quakecon demos. I hope they'll upload them soon, considering that the contest upload period starts in 3 days and lasts for a week .)

I want to finally finish all this stuff and take a break from movie making for a while. Sure, I have a new project in my head, and I'm already accepting demos for it, but I won't work on it right away. I'll probably start things a while after the end of holidays, when I'll be settled in the dorm again. And I'll probably finish around christmas, or so .) But yea, those are just speculations. We'll see how things go.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, here's the editor shot. There are some audio clips missing at the end. I'll fix that tomorrow.

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