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PixelBeat - quakelive community movie

Finally, after taking many obstacles head on, it's done. My 4th quakelive movie, starring 28 players from both Europe and the USA. It's a bit over 4 minutes long, and features over 40 frags, on average that's 1 frag every 6 seconds . Working on this project took a lot of time. Especially watching the demos was very time consuming. After watching all the demos I lost some motivation, and took a break for a couple of months. Recently I started working on it again and here's the effect!
 I had a really hard time with choosing the right songs. I wanted to make the movie sort of 8bit/oldschool themed, so I was listening to a lot of chiptune and bitpop. Some of the songs were almost painful to listen to, others just wouldn't fit a quake movie. If you liked the music I used, check out the other songs of those musicians, I've put links in the credits at the end of the movie.
I'd also like to thank my good old friend phl for beta testing the movie and giving me a lot of helpful advices and ideas. Without him, the movie wouldn't be the same.

Download link:

Here are some goodies for anyone interested, you can use them as avatars, icons and what not. But if you want to use them in some movies, games, etc. Let me know. Not because I have anything against it, but because I'd like to know about it. :)

 Hah, yeah that's a in-game chat indicator there, it almost doesn't appear in the movie, but I think it looks pretty cool:) Also, I've contributed an avatar made of sarge's head on ESR. I'm using it, but I'd be glad to see other people using it.

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