wtorek, 22 maja 2012

Poznań, 8bit and gooral

I've spent the last weekend in the 5th largest polish city - Poznań. Being there was a first for me and I loved pretty much everything about it, well.. maybe except the complicated crossroads:) I went there with my girl friend to see some concerts, gooral in particular. I found out about him maybe two weeks ago, but I fell in love with his music instantly. It's a combination of goral folk music and modern electronic music, like dnb and dubstep. His concert was simply fantastic. I might use a song of his in a quake movie one day.

We also visited a very interesting club. It's called 8 bitów. Its theme is obviously old, 8bit games. The front wall outside of the club is an underwater scene from super mario. The staircase inside the club is ornamented with space invaders. The ambiance of the place was great. You could even play some super mario and street fighter on two consoles, all for free. Very neat. We sat down on a sofa near the corner of the room, had some beers and enjoyed the music and fantastic visual effects that were being displayed on the club wall. After a while we hit the dancefloor and despite the fact that there wasn't anyone there dancing beside us, we had a lot of fun. All in all, even though they didn't play chiptunes, I really liked that place. :)

I've been told that I should post more frequently if I want more people to actually follow this blog. I decided to do accordingly, so yeah, since now you can expect more posts about the stuff that I do. Tomorrow I'll write a summary of the release of pixelbeat.

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