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PixelBeat - release summary

Almost 2 weeks after the release of PixelBeat it's time to take a look at all the statistical data and feedback that I have received.

First, let's look at some numbers. At the moment, it has 7500 views on youtube, making it the 3rd most viewed movie on my channel. On May 14th, it was viewed 3153 times (afterspray had 4619 views on its release, and Zero had mare 217 views). It was downloaded 342 times and it was viewed 519 times on

Apart from ESReality (1820 views), the movie was spread to various websites, like (1485 views), (415 views), reddit (224 views) and many, many others.

The audience was mainly european with Sweden on top (1963 views), followed by Russia (842 views) and from the other side of the ocean - USA (580 views). Nearly all of the viewers were male. Only a handful of 3.4% of all of the views were made by female users. Keep in mind that these stats don't include views from unregistered users.

I made some cool comment clouds using tagxedo:

From YouTube:

and ESReality:

The comments were mostly positive, with little to none constructive criticism that I could use. Most of the negative comments apply only to a 8bit/pixel themed movie. Some didn't like the music, others didn't like the theme in general. Many pointed out that I shouldn't use a maximum detail in-game graphical setting and use something that makes the game sort of pixelated, and yeah I have to agree with them, I actually had that in mind before working on the movie but dropped the idea later on because it would take a lot of more time to incorporate it properly. Oh well, not much I can do about it now.. pixelbeat2 maybe?

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